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You might think that starting a franchise is out of your reach. After all, it sounds like so much work, it’s got to be really expensive, and you’re not even sure what you would deliver to your franchisees. Right? Wrong. That’s why we created Info-Franchises™. Info-Franchises™ allow you to take your info-marketing business and turn it into a franchise. Creating an Info-Franchise™ is easy. All you need is an organized operating and marketing system that your franchisees can follow, and the willingness to help others succeed. If you have an info-product then you’ve likely got all you need to start your own franchise for maximum profitability and quick nationwide expansion. If you’ve got that, give us a call, we’ll be happy to speak with you to help you determine if an Info-Franchise is right for you.

A CelebrityFranchise™ is a category of franchise that we created for our clients. We know that “People Buy People,” so we help our clients leverage their celebrity status to give others the opportunity to succeed. If you’ve got a personality driven business that systematically brings you business, give us a call. We’ll be happy to speak with you to help you determine if a CelebrityFranchise™ is right for you.

Info-Marketing Law™

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In the speed of today’s business world, actionable information creates opportunity. Opportunity creates a position for unique revenue streams and fast, high margin, profits to the individual or company who controls the flow of information. Naturally, opportunities of this magnitude get the focus of government regulators and enterprising info-marketers need sound legal advice to navigate the complex mix of legal disciplines.

Info-Marketing Law is a legal practice that connects the diverse disciplines of intellectual property, contract law, franchising, business opportunity, consumer protection, FTC Regulation, Corporate securities, business law and internet law, blending them into a specialty for the Information Business.

Celebrity and Entertainment Representation

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Below you will find a partial listing of our Celebrity & Entertainment Law Services. If you don’t see a particular topic listed and you would like more information, please contact us so we can get you the information you need.

  • Endorsement Deals
  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Recording Agreements (Record Deals)
  • Music Publishing Deals
  • Songwriter Agreements
  • Movie and Television Music Licensing
  • Production Agreements
  • Artist/Producer Agreements
  • Record Label Venture Capital Agreements
  • Artist Management Agreements
  • Band Incorporation
  • Band Operating Agreements
  • Life Story Film Depiction Releases


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Consumers identify You by Your Name. If someone is using the same name as You, they could be tarnishing Your reputation and You may not even know it. Federal Trademark law allows You to protect Your name and protect consumers from being confused by imitators. Registering Your Business, Band or Product Name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office will allow You the right to use the ® and is widely considered to add credibility and a sense of commitment and establishment to Your cause. It also affords You added protection against future competitors and imitators. On the other side of the spectrum, You don’t want to start building a brand only to find out that there is another business, band or product that has been using the same name and has the rights to the name based on prior use. It could force You to make the costly investment to change Your name and everything associated with it. Don’t let all of Your hard work in establishing Your name go to waste. Protect your investment.

If You would like to find out how Trademark law affects Your Brand, Band or Business, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss it with You.


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If you are the author/creator of original Musical, Literary or Artistic Work (including a Photograph, Audio Recording, Song, Lyrics, Sheet Music, Website, Magazine or Book) and you have not protected your work with a Registered Copyright, your are leaving many of your rights on the table. Many creators and authors rely on “common law” Copyright protection to protect them without realizing that if you do not Register your Copyright with the US Copyright Office:

  1. You cannot sue anyone for copyright infringement until the work is registered
  2. A court will not award reimbursement for attorneys fees or statutory damages prior to the work being registered (except in very limited circumstances)
  3. You cannot take advantage of the preferential treatment of Registered works. Registration of the work within 5 years of its creation establishes what is referred to in court as “Prima Facie” evidence. This means that the Court will accept your proof of Registration with the US Copyright Office as sufficient evidence that you own the Copyrighted work in question.

Register your Copyrighted works so that You can reap the benefits of your hard work. If you would like to discuss Registering Your work with the US Copyright Office in further detail, we would be happy to discuss it with you.

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