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Dicks & Nanton, PA, is not your traditional law firm. We go beyond legal work and even business consulting to implement business strategies for you both on line and off line. We have assembled a network of extremely gifted web designers, copywriters, media relations specialists, and event planners for the sole purpose of actually implementing the strategies we create together with you. There isn’t a question of you having to find someone to implement your strategic business plan, we do it for you. While this approach is unique, it is clearly the proposition that separates us from every other law firm and business consultant in the country. While the statement may be bold, we think you owe it to yourself and your business to explore the opportunities this total service approach affords.

Online Business Platform™

When we first talk with clients most tell us they have a web site. While they do have a web site it is not an Online Business Platform (OBP ). The OBP is designed to not only tell people who you are, it is interactive. The OBP offers information your client needs to help them make a buying decision and gives you an opportunity to capture their name so you can stay in touch. People frequently find you on the web while searching for something else. By offering them something important without a cost attached, you earn the privilege of staying in touch with them on a regular basis. By continuous educational and informative contact you can, over time, create a relationship with your prospect in a manner that is all too often lacking in today’s business environment. Prospects become business friends who ultimately use your product or service simply because at some point it makes great sense to do so. Additionally, the OBP allows you to educate and implement a buying process, right on the web, for your product or service. Finally, through specialized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features specially built into the OBP it becomes your personal sales force, reaching out to new prospects you don’t even know about. As these prospects place key words into their favorite search engines, your OBP answers high up in the search rankings, encouraging the prospects to come to you. Quite frankly, your OBP never sleeps, so you can.

Multi-media Strategies

Business today is a visual world. While it is important to reach your prospects and clients through traditional written form, multi-media is clearly more captivating. While many of us waited for years to have broadband capabilities, that day is now here. All businesses should use audio and video on the web and through other outlets like DVD’s, presentation kits, and television to reach their clients and prospects in a different dimension. We believe our firm has assembled some of the best and the brightest programmers, designers and media specialists to take your business media to the next level.

Special Events Development

There is no better way to build a relationship with your prospects and clients than through the creation of a special signature event. This signature event becomes a focal point of your annual campaign and allows you to get to know your client on a different level, a personal level. The event can be a themed Celebration, a fundraiser for charity, a sports team sponsorship, or an intimate gathering. Whatever you choose, we can design it, and of course implement it in a way that is both tasteful and purposeful. By this we mean that it is extremely important not to lose site of the goal of client building. Most companies put on an event and “hope” something comes from it. We make sure something comes from the event. The event is most successful when new business comes from it. We keep the focus on that specific goal.

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